Introducing: Mastodon Valley Farm and Farm Shares

Greetings all!


We’ve got some big news. We bought a farm! Right down the road from New Forest Farm, where we’ve been raising animals for the past two years. We’re going to continue grazing there, but we’re excited to get started planting trees, building a house, and restoring an overgrazed and overcropped farm, right outside of Viola, Wisconsin.

New Website and Farm Shares

We’ve started Mastodon Valley Farm as the business to produce and sell our ecosystem-fed meats. Savanna Gardens, LLC will continue providing Restoration Agriculture education and consulting services, but will no longer sell meat. Instead of the Club, we’re moving more towards a Farm Share model that provides us the up-front capital we need to raise animals, while still offering the flexibility of the Club model.

We’re looking for folks from Grab a Share!