Design and Consulting

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We help people take their farms, gardens, and homesteads to the next level of diversity, productivity, resilience, and ecological functioning.

We can help you:

  • Assess your site – soils, vegetation, biome, past and current land-uses, and infrastructure.
  • Determine appropriate practices for your farm from the permaculture, agroforestry, and holistic management playbook including alleycropping, silvopasture, keyline, mob grazing, multi-species grazing, tree crops, and value-add.  
  • Drought-proof your land through the design, layout, and installation of a keyline system to slow, spread, and sink rain and run-off so that all the water that enters your farm, stays there.
  • Perennialize your land  through the design, layout, and installation of diverse perennial crops including all kinds of fruits, nuts, berries, vines, and many, many others
  • Develop a Grazing Plan to make sure your animals are working to help improve your farm’s soils, water, and vegetation.
  • Turn your farm into an ecosystem that builds soil, sequesters CO2, cleans water, and enhances biodiversity.

Email for more information or to schedule a phone call or site visit.

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